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This portrait is seriously dated but will stay until I find another that works (just thought I'd mention it because we really don't look like that anymore :-)). Our first show Gordon arrived at SureShot in 1976. Possessed of an enviable pedigree and a gentle, dignified temperament, "George", Cuprea Black Admiral, was destined to start us on a decades-long trip through life with Gordon Setters. He was an offspring of illustrious English stock and had been imported to Canada while still a young dog. We were the lucky people with whom he finally shared the majority of his life.

He introduced us to the show ring, he introduced us to Gordon Setters, and he introduced us to a hobby that has captured our hearts for years. Tentative first steps into the showring were finally rewarded when George became a Canadian Champion in 1978.

His entry into our lives was followed by other Gordons – equally captivating, equally enjoyable. Each made their mark over the years and we have, through them, been introduced to all aspects of the sport of dogs. Some brought us joy through their show accomplishments, others brought us to the excitement of scenthurdle racing, still others to the joys and disappointments of obedience and agility. But, more than that, they each brought their individuality and affection which have combined into the many dimensions of our world of SureShot.

Our primary motivation for the time spent in all things ‘Gordon’, is the love of the breed and our own personal enjoyment of our dogs. Although we have been breeders, litters have always been few and far between as we preferred to carefully plan each breeding as a means to get our next great dog. When this happened, we were able to share with others the puppies that couldn’t stay here. They were sent from here reluctantly and, as most of our puppy-people know, they remain a part of our extended-family. This has never been a business (as any one who can count could easily determine <grin>) but our life. Increasingly, I've been backing away from the heartbreak and drama of breeding (and thus dealing with selling puppies) but I can't imagine a life without dogs. At this point, we've pretty much stopped breeding except for our involvement with dogs we've placed in the hands of other people.
We've added the cutest little English Cocker to our own crew and my own hobby with dogs is mostly doing agility with them or tracking.

n addition to our dog hobby, we also have other interests. If you want to know more about those, just check out our Other Hobbies pages.

Bev & Bill Holoboff
Alberta, Canada
SureShot Perm. Reg'd. Gordon Setters
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