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What you need to know about pictures in the dog events galleries...

Any of these photos that are shared on social media should be done either by using the share button beneath the photo or by ensuring that my watermark is included.  I do not ruin photos by placing my watermark all over the front but, in return, want the courtesy of keeping it on there.  If it gets unintentionally cropped out (like in a profile pic) give me credit in your post.

All photos here are made available on a personal use license.  If you use them for advertising for that dog in a dog publication, that is also permitted if I am credited in the ad.  For any other commercial use, you must contact me for specific information on related costs.

There is a cost to me in storing and supplying these photos and they are still ridiculously inexpensive so your respect of the conditions above are expected in return.

I have two different ways these galleries are set up:

1. When photographing at events where I'm participating and shooting as my way of volunteering, I allow a right-click-save for free, watermarked photos.  

2. For other events, the right-click option is disabled and you must share using the share button beneath the photo or use the buy button to purchase (again, at a ridiculously inexpensive cost) the download in the resolution you want.

 Thank you so much for your support of my photography. I can work with you on other print options such as canvasses, metal prints, or specialty items.  If you ever are interested in collage or digital artwork based on your images, I'd love to hear from you. And, of course, pet portrait sitting either on location or in studio are available.