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The Gordon Setter Ring was formed to assist those interested in learning more about the breed. By providing a resource to follow to bring people in contact with others involved in Gordon Setters, we hope to make it easier to find Gordon information on the Web. The people represented by this chain of websites may have different ideas about what makes the perfect Gordon or on the ways that one should train, care for, feed, or breed your dog. However, we all share in our love of this noble, black & tan, aristocrat. The ringmaster cannot ensure that you'll find what you're looking for, nor that all the information you may receive is correct. Use the ring as a foundation for your search and, above all, ask questions.

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Want to Join the Ring?

Anyone with a site pertaining to Gordon Setters can apply to join the Ring. Sites are welcome from clubs, organizations, reputable breeders, and, particularly, rescue groups. Puppy mills and brokers are not welcome and will not be added to the ring.

To join the Ring, do the following:

1. Click on the "Join" link on the ring navigation bar here:

2. This will take you to the WebRing website where you need to sign up as a member (if you aren't already). There is a 'no cost' membership.

3. Complete the information asked about your website. This will generate the code you need to have on your page (you can use either the javascript code or the html code - WebRing will provide both).

4. Insert the code in your page and upload the changes to your server. You can place them on either your index (home) page or on a content page within your site (make sure it's somewhere that people can see it easily). However, wherever you put it, that is the page url you must use with WebRing. If it's not on your start page, fine. Just provide the url for the other page and then put the url for your start page in your site description (that's what I've done). If you want, you can put it in more than one location. If you previously had our ringsurf code on your site, please delete it as it is no longer functioning.

5. When you've submitted your application, I will view the site to determine suitability for the Ring and will 'Approve' it. You will be automatically notified when I do that. However, this does not put your site in the ring yet since the code needs to be correctly on your page. In fact, you may receive a "suspended" notice from WebRing which automatically checks for the code. Don't worry about that but do read what they send you for instructions and make the appropriate corrections.

6. Email me once you have the code on your page. However, only provide the URL for the page on which you have placed the code as it saves me time checking. Once it has been checked, your site will be "activated" (added to the WebRing). At that point, I'll also add you to the list and locations page here. Since I list sites using the main url, send me your main web address even if you used an internal page with Web Ring. If you want me to put your email in the listing, send that as well (this system no longer gives me access to your email so you must send it to me if you want it on the list).

7. VERY IMPORTANT!!!!! The ring automatically checks that your ring code is on the url you submitted. So, if you are putting the code further into the site, that's the address (url) you MUST use. For example, my address is . However, I put the code on the first page of content. That means I must use the url as the submitted url on the webring. Unfortunately, that means people coming through the ring won't see the pretty picture on my first page but that's the only way this will work. What I recommend is that you put the link to the front page of your site in your description. You might also want to put a link on the page with the code back to the beginning if that's what you want people to see.

8. Please keep your information current both with Web Ring and with me. On moving sites, I found that almost one-third of them had changed addresses without making a change on the ring.

A functioning Ring helps us all by providing website traffic for everyone and helping us rank higher in the search engines. Some of these rules are simply ways to ensure that there are no broken links in the ring. Do your part by:

1. Making sure the WebRing logo is easily found and on a page with good content.

2. Keeping your information (url and email) current on WebRing.

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If you're interested, you can go to the

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